Mango Dollies

Bobo and I dragged ourselves out of our homes to visit Books Actually late last Friday night when the bookshop was doing a crazy open-for-24-hours thing. We were there in service of Ms. Pooja Nansi, one half of the hilariously-named Mango Dollies, which hilariously-named duo was performing that night. MD is a poetry-and-blues double act. … Continue reading Mango Dollies


Meatsauce of Indeterminate Provenance

Duplicating a post from my food tumblr, about making mystery meat sauce. "Meatsauce of Indeterminate Provenance" is what I call the thing I end up making when I feel a compulsion to cook a big vat of something and chuck it in the fridge for a few days's nourishment. Often, this ends up being at … Continue reading Meatsauce of Indeterminate Provenance