New York City Envy

I wrote this in January 2016 for Speakeasy, a spoken-word event run by Pooja Nansi, responding to the theme of "envy". Once, over cocktails and cigarettes, it was laid down to me that a young Singaporean with means should live abroad for a spell before turning 30. I’m 29 this year. I tell myself every … Continue reading New York City Envy


A Substantial Man

This essay was first published in 2012 on A SUBSTANTIAL MAN: Fat and Gay in a Gym Bunny’s World There is, to my mind, a gay man’s debutante ball, except it’s quite DIY. Leisurely, at one’s own pace, coming out can be awkward or beautiful, ostentatious or quiet, but it’s a ritual all the same. … Continue reading A Substantial Man