Dealing with the Bourgeois Play

I was recently very rankled on behalf of my playwriterly friends Down Under because of the appearance of this essay, The Australian Bad Play, by one Jana Perkovic, who amongst other things is a self-described "urbanist," which is unfair but fun to single out. I was rankled mainly because a quick, superficial gloss of the thing seems … Continue reading Dealing with the Bourgeois Play


Mango Dollies

Bobo and I dragged ourselves out of our homes to visit Books Actually late last Friday night when the bookshop was doing a crazy open-for-24-hours thing. We were there in service of Ms. Pooja Nansi, one half of the hilariously-named Mango Dollies, which hilariously-named duo was performing that night. MD is a poetry-and-blues double act. … Continue reading Mango Dollies