Caught this last night. I was super excited to see it because I first discovered Robert LePage's work through his production of Wagner's Ring for the New York Met Opera. I saw that on DVD but even then found it gorgeous, modern but also appropriately and goofily old-fashioned. Anyway, by the time I got into the theatre … Continue reading Hamlet|Collage



Wrapped up this show a week ago. Lots of trepidation going in, lots of uncertainty going out. I went in thinking to try painting with a different palette, using some of the tools (naturalism, conversation, banality) I'm familiar with, and the end result was something that I find hideous and monstrous. Responses from audiences and … Continue reading Cafe


There’s a lot of talk now about the compromises involved in taking state money for arts projects. I agree with a lot of it in principle, because I think there is a special, devious quality in how censorship is channeled through funding in Singapore. And recent comments by NAC leaders have made that very clear. … Continue reading Cut


Checkpoint Theatre has done me the honour of publishing my first collection of plays, optimistically titled "Volume One," edited by my good friend and fellow writer, Lucas Ho. These are seven plays all written and staged between 2011 and 2015. There was a lovely launch event on the 14th of August where many of my family, … Continue reading Book!

Saint Laurent

Bertrand Bonello's "Saint Laurent" is a brilliant film, least of all because of anything it says about Yves Saint Laurent or his work, but because it is a bold and aggressively postmodern statement about the impossibility of representing someone else's life. It is a wonderfully layered film, constantly signposting its discomfort with biography, reminding us … Continue reading Saint Laurent

A Speech

In lieu of the valediction that I was brutally robbed off, I was invited to give a Matriculation Speech at the University Scholars Programme's Freshman Orientation Week in my capacity as an interesting alumnus. I tremendously enjoyed my time in the USP, and it stands for me as one of the highlights of my 20s, … Continue reading A Speech