Joel Tan: Plays Volume 1. Collects Family Outing, Postgrads, People, Mosaic, That Daniel, Hotel and The Way We Go. 

Available from Books Kinokuniya, Books Actually and Select Books, $29.90. Also from

Here’s a little list of my written work that exists in a linkable format on the Internet. I’ve also included, for the fun of it, links to some of the collateral material that surrounds past productions of my plays.

1. Creative Non-Fiction

i) We Could Have Danced All Night: Play And the Anatomy of Coming Out

ii) Hipsters: A Defence

iii) A Substantial Man: Fat and Gay in a Gym Bunny’s World

iii) Brunching Off: A Theory of Cool

iv) Papa Bo Du Su (Papa Not At Home)

2. Plays

i) That Daniel (published in The Voices Project 2014: Bite Me)

ii) Hotel (The Finger Players, 2014, for The Next Page, The Arts House 10th Anniversary)

iii) People ( 2013, by USProductions; 2014, by Creative Edge;)

iv) Jack and the Beansprout! (Wildrice, 2013)

v)  Mosaic (Takeoff Productions, 2013)

vi) The House, from Lorca’s The House of Bernarda Alba (Flamenco Sin Fronteras, 2013)

vii) Postgrads (Takeoff Productions, 2012)

viii) Family Outing (Wildrice, 2011)

ix) Walking In (USProductions, 2010; Buds Theatre, 2013)


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